A Hard day's night(s).
In it's 50th anniversary, the Baja 1000 -peninsular route- for the very first time, went backwards, 
starting at La Paz and finishing in Ensenada. This gave me an unique opportunity, to focus on the finish line...

But how should I make it interesting?

I decided that the emotion and drama of the racers after the job was done was what most interested me.
My team and I ended up putting together an improvised studio where the idea was to isolate the subject
in a private moment with the camera, thus creating a personal connection with the photographer
in a different perspective, a more personal one, one that shows emotion.
 The emotion of the most beautiful race in the world.
Left: Bryce Menzies, Overall Baja 1000 winner. 550mi driving.
Right: Antonio Espinoza, Class 11 winner, 1300mi driving. 
Top: Wouter-jan, Ironman MX, 1300mi.

Left: Glen Plake, TT Spec navigator. 200mi onboard.

Right: Leroy Rojas, navigator, first time in a Class 1.

Left: The art.

Right: The Artist
Top: Emma Cornwell, 825miles onboard. Navigator UTV.
Top: Jose Enriquez, 1300 miles in 49 hours. ATV Ironman

Jeremy Sundt, drove from San Felipe to the finish line.
Right: Valentín Mercado, navigator.
Left: Antonio Espinoza, driver.
Class 11 winners, 1300mi 33 hours
Eliat Cabrales.
Near closing time, I went mobile, what could I see when they're still sitting on the race car?

Thank you to SCORE-International for the opportunity.
Thank you to my wife and my friends Germán and Daniel Espinoza
for assisting me during this shot.

Thank you for stopping by.
E. Araiza

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