I learned that NORRA's (The) Mexican 1000 is my favorite event on the planet. The vibe, the aesthetic, the beautiful peninsula ride, ride I call home. The highlight for me this year was, of course, the publishing of my first artwork, but I had homework to do. This is what I captured during the '23 NORRA's Mexican 1000.
Oh, since my last year's collection was all B/W I went with color for this one, hope you like it.

I left a song that goes well with the photos, I leave it to you to pour a drink... Mezcal if available.
If you like this, my NORRA's 'The Mexican 1000' photo book is available with the last copies left at NORRA's webpage. This way you help me to continue creating artworks that show my love for Baja in the best way I know, thru photography.

See you in '24.
E. Araiza

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